Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Groupon Purchase: Outbac Broga (Part 2)

If you haven't read Outbac Broga Part 1, you can read it here.

Okay. Back to the awesome adventure.

After the awesome waterfall abseiling, we went back to the base camp to have our lunch, nothing fancy but it does taste good, especially for those who have been hard at work earlier. After that, our awesome Muslim friends went for their prayer while the rest of us we just awesomely lepak-ing around.

So, when everyone is ready for the next activity, the faithful volvo and van was there to fetch us to the destination.

This time, the awesome ride took us about 15 minutes as our destination is further away. Along the way, we saw the name "Jeram Kedah". I remember that waterfalls in Malaysia usually use one of the three name, "Air Terjun", "Lata" or "Jeram" and a confirmation with the instructor later on confirmed that the name of our destination is Jeram Kedah.

We have to trek for another 5 minutes from the place where the Volvo and van stop. The awesome trek is slightly dangerous as part of it is beside a cliff (around 1 storey high) but the view of the waterfall is great. The awesome Jeram Kedah consists of two level with the lower level already being modified to create a pool for swimming while the upper level are basically untouched.

Awesome Jeram Kedah

Swimming at the upper level are more for those experts as the water flow is fast and the pool is very deep.

Anyway, if you were thinking what does the waterfall got to do with the rock climbing activity, well, we are climbing wall next to the waterfall.

There, we were met with our awesome instructors.

Awesome Nada giving us our briefing

Nada teach us the basic while Alex show us how it was being done.

Alex awesomely on the rock

Next thing we know, one by one start to climb up the wall.

Alex, awesomely making sure everyone is safe while climbing

Awesome start by Penny

Awesome climb

Those who have done the rock climbing would help themselves with the awesome and beautiful waterfall.

Once everyone did the rock climbing activity, we move on to the last activity, the awesome rapid tubing...

Again, we were being briefed of what to do and after a while, we were looking at how it was being done. Remember that I mentioned earlier that there were a lower level waterfall? Well, the rapid tubing is done here....

Wearing awesome yellow life jacket

Awesome instructors showing how it was being done

Basically, you would be sitting on a tube and you would go down the waterfall from above. Awesome, right?

Going down the awesome waterfall

Some of my awesome groupmates

Awesome Alex after a job well done

Once everything is completed, the instructors would bring us back to base camp where we could change or bath and go back home. We left the place around 6pm once everyone clean up.

If you are interested in trying this waterfall abseiling, rock climbing and rapid tubing, you can contact Outbac Broga at the following:

Outbac Broga
Lot 315, Kg. Baru, 
71750 Broga, 
Negeri Sembilan

Tel: 03-8761 1076
Mobile: 012-485 2506 (Dr. Yap)


Office Hours
Programme Days
9.00am to 10.00pm

Non-Programme Days:
Tues-Sat : 9.00am to 5.00pm
Sun : 9.00am to 1.00pm
Our office is closed on Mondays.

Latitude: N 2 56.104
Longtitude : E 101 54.557


  1. mcm syiokk!! tak pernah lagi beli groupon punya trip. hohoho

    1. Jard, must try at least once... mmg syiok!